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Emil Mlynarcik - Autumn gold (2020)

11.8x15.8x0.8 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Original work from slovak realistic artist Emil Mlynarcik.

Many painters in history tried to imitate the perfection of the real world in their paintings as much as possible. However, it is so demanding that only a small part of it really did. Talented Slovak artist Emil Mlynarcik tried it a few decades ago. His works prove very successful. It is hard to find someone who as faithfully as he can capture the perfect creations of nature on the painting. You stand in front of his work and see every stalk of grass, every leaf on the tree, every stones on the bottom of a mountain stream, even the smallest waves on the lake's surface, you feel like fresh mountain air freshenes you ... Emil Mlynarcik's paintings are perfect for everyone, who loves nature and wants to be in the middle of it.


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