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János Kujbus - Bodyguards (2016)

53.2x78.7x0.8 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Original work - big painting in contemporary pop art style from hungarian artist Janos Kujbus. Painting has published on the cover page of prestigious French art magazine Artmajeur (Autumn 2019).

Story about artwork:
"Life is full of surprises. Life does not always work according to our expectations, and it often happens that we cannot even control it. Every moment things happen that we would not have expected. Pleasant and less pleasant, joyful and sad, dramatic and comical, serious and smiling. Life surprises us in detail, but also in fundamental things. There are surprises, unexpected twists that our reason, our logic, or our ego do not or do not want to understand. The hardest are unwanted surprises from our partner, lover. Yesterday he liked you and today he will turn your back. Yesterday you were his sweetheart, and now she is whispering words of love to another woman's ear. Or another man. Love is strange. Sometimes we do not know it. Sometimes we are surprised. Sometimes we are taken aback. Sometimes we don't know who we belong ... To her or to him?"

Despite the fact that Janos Kujbus belongs to the younger generation of Hungarian fine artists, we can rightly place his work among the top works of contemporary European art. His figurative paintings in the style of modern pop art amaze not only their size (often exceeding two meters), but also the peculiarities of their form and content. On the big canvases unfold before us the everyday stories of today's human, often searching for the fulfillment of his life in the chaotic world. Janos Kujbus's paintings are especially suited to modern interiors. They give them originality, uniqueness and charm.


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