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Zsolt Székelyhidi - Carnival in Venice (2017)

15.8x24.4x0.1 in ~ Painting, Watercolor

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Original work from Hungarian artist Zsolt Szekelyhidi. Painting is in passe-partout.

Zsolt is an expert on watercolor painting. Its most popular motifs are the historic cities and architectural gems of Europe. Very sensuously he also painted natural scenery and beautiful women.

He speaks of himself as follows: „I received my university degree at the Pedagogical University of György Bessenyei, in the field of fine arts and geography. In addition to teaching, I have been drawing and painting. My works have been exhibited at several national and international exhibitions, and I have also been illustrating books, especially fantasy and science fiction. In paint I prefer to use oil, acrylic and watercolor, I prefer ink and graphite in the drawing, so it is possible to say that I am interested in different techniques and often their combinations. The motives of my work are often figural, and my heart is also the display of medieval buildings.
In the paintings I try to capture the spectrum of moods translated into color and lines, often reflecting mainly my own feelings. That's why I love the fast watercolor technique. I see my greatest enemy in artistic creation in a straight line, so I try to curb the lines in different ways. The unequal line is cheerful, playful, as well as my attitude towards life.“


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