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Zsombor Barakonyi - Garden of Joy (2020)

59.1x118.1x1.4 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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Big painting by Zsombor Barakonyi. The painting consists of 12 pieces.

Story about painting:
"Many of us live in big cities - away from nature. Therefore, every piece of it that we find in the city often becomes an oasis of peace, relaxation and harmony for us ... Recently, I was sitting on a bench by an artificial pond, where small fish swam. Many people stopped by and watched life under the surface with a smile and amazement on their faces. Some even talked to the fish as if waiting for the fish to answer them. And maybe some were hoping that one of those little fishes is a fairy-tale goldfish that will fulfill their three wishes ...
Even though such a miracle did not happen at the lake, I felt a bit like a fairy tale. Finally, the people were in no hurry, they were calm, nice, smiling, pleasant. This is almost a miracle in a busy city ..."


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