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Peter Vamosi - On the waves of music (2020)

19.7x27.6x0.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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Modern music painting from artist Peter Vamosi, inspired by own fantasy. Painting full of harmony, cheer and frolic.

Story about painting:
„These two elderly musicians lived all their lives with music. The passionate playing of guitar and saxophone has been accompanying them for decades. Their music spread far into harmonic waves. She kidnapped them alone. Once they brought their high notes up, sometimes their low bass carried them down.
The young woman was lured by the double bass. An old, serious musical instrument. She joined the older musicians and together they bring pleasure to everyone - young and old.”

Joy, optimism, beauty, harmony, but also the reflection of the meaning and philosophy of life, are reflected in the vivid paintings of slovak artist Peter Vamosi. His surrealistic characters are captured in moments of love and joy, in gadgets and touches, in movement, in sports or in meditation by music.


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