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Zsombor Barakonyi - One city - two worlds (2017)

39.4x59.1x1.4 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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Original painting by Hungarian artist Zsombor Barakonyi.

Story about painting:
"Summer morning in the aisles of the old town ... Young carefree girlfriends go to the cafe to talk about their new experiences in peace ...
An incoming man notices that they are selling books on the street and wondering if he will stop by and maybe even buy a book ...
Cars are driving at a slow speed. They and their crew live in a parallel, closed world. People on the street live in another, open world ..."

His unique visual language offers viewers new levels of perceiving reality, in which, by overwriting conventional approaches, he builds a dialectic relationship between content and objectuality. His works are postmodern panel paintings depicting visions of metropolitan flâneur.


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