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Viktoria Hatvany - Relaxation (2018)

39.4x27.6x0.1 in ~ Painting, Oil

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Original work from hungarian female artist Viktoria Hatvany.

You can not go through the pictures of the famous Hungarian painter Viktoria Hatvany without even noticing them. With their uniqueness and unrepeatability of content and form, they will certainly attract your attention. The artist not only takes brilliantly the most demanding techniques and tricks of the oil painting but puts in her testimonies about the human soul, about interpersonal and partnership relations, about philosophical questions of existence, about spirituality. Many of her paintings make you think of yourself, of your life, of his sense. Others, with their soft and tender humor, will smile on your face. The creation of Viktoria Hatvany is like the Hungarian horses she likes so well. Sometimes nice and tender, sometimes wild and unruly. But it is always deeply human. Below the artist's paintbrush, new and new stories are always born on the screen and they are definitely worth seeing.


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