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Peter Vamosi - Summer walking (2020)

19.7x27.6x0.8 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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Original work from slovak artist Peter Vamosi. Inspired by my own fantasy. A picture full of harmony, optimism, positive energy and piece.

Story about painting:
“On a summer Sunday afternoon, two young women - good friends - went for a walk. Their tanned, slender bodies float gracefully at every step. Like two cats ... They inspire admiration and attract the attention of observers.
The other two women are slightly different. Not to feel the same bond among them as among the first ones that approach them.
She in a green dress ignores the world around her and just walks proudly with her big dog. The fourth woman dreamyly sits behind a table on the terrace of the café and sipping red wine from the glass herself.
Maybe the coming women to her stop, maybe they know each other, maybe they talk to each other, maybe they also order a glass of wine ... Maybe not ...
We will decide how this story will evolve .... ”

Joy, optimism, beauty, harmony, but also the reflection of the meaning and philosophy of life, are reflected in the vivid paintings of Slovak artist Peter Vamosi. His surrealistic characters are captured in moments of love and joy, in gadgets and touches, in movement, in sports or in meditation by music. In his colorful nature paintings we perceive the sensual romantic soul of the artist and together with him we dream about the mythical lands of harmony, peace and happiness.


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