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Iva Strbova Jarosova - Veil (2016)

27.6x19.7x0.1 in ~ Painting, Pastel

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Original work from artist Iva Strbova Jarosova, pastel on artistic paper. Painting is in passe-partout.

The spirituality of pastels and drawings by Iva Strbova - Jarosova is the result of unlimited confidence in the shaping power of light. Every motif, figural, oblique, or symbolic, is surrounded by a light aura that radiates from inside the picture area or rather through it. In addition to the lyrical expression figurations, the author is not afraid of spontaneous paintings either. Or work with wood stains, where the overlapping of multiple layers and subtle luminous contrasts achieves the special physiological effect of image spirituality. The author has a visual gift of mystical insight that she no longer needs rational interpretation.
The dominant theme of her work is the essence of a woman, reflected in the form of spiritual and sacral creation. The most important of these images are the existential species.
Her favorite technique is the ethereal "pastel Inclines to a form that leaves a room of light in the lasures.


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