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Péter Duhaj

The nude women, girls and men on his canvases are painted with brilliant skill. From their perfectly rendered bodies radiates almost mystical erotic charge.


About Hungarian artist Peter Duhaj:

I was born in 1982 in Lajosmizse, Hungary. Since my childhood I was interested in art, music. Thus, the painting was a key element of my life since childhood. Whenever I could I painted … I worked in hospitality for more than 10 years, I graduated college, I got a well-paid senior position, but I felt it was not my way, I was more attracted by the colors, shapes, a moment, the capture of an emotion. I studied another profession, graphic design, which is perhaps a little closer to arts careers. Though the fate drifted me in other way I always found back to painting. In my work I have tried to paint with the eyes of the masters of academism, but later I found gradually my style, my means of expression. I’m very impressed by the XX th century and contemporary Hungarian artists (Zsolt Bodoni, László Nyári, István Sándorfy, Tibor Csernus). I have participated in many individual and group exhibitions.

Péter Duhaj

The artist at work

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Artistic domains : Painting (18)

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