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Martin Kucera

Photography is my passion and part of my life. I am especially fascinated by the miracles of nature.


 May be,  you will like my photos and I hope that they will make you happy and make you feel good.

 Photography has been a part of my life since I was a child, as my father was a fan of photography, we also had a darkroom at home. So at first I unconsciously perceived all the things around photography and later I started to try it all in practice. My first photos were black and white, which I also developed myself, from a negative to a positive process. I was fascinated by the development of films, the transfer of images to photo paper, the need to follow precise procedures, different types of photo papers, films and how much impact the processing process has on the result. For some time I also devoted myself to the color positive process.

  Photography is my passion and part of my life. I am constantly trying to improve and understand the world of photography even better.

 I don’t avoid any genre but my favorite genre is landscape photography. Landscape photography and nature is what I photograph the most and I like it most.

I have been awarded the artistic title of “Artist FIAP” (AFIAP) by THE INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ART.

International awards in last 2 years:

2020 – FIAP Georgia Photo Salon 2020, GEORGIA – Salon Silver Medal

2020 – FIAP Zoomin International Circuit, INDIA – FIAP GOLD Medal

2020 – FIAP Indonesia Photo Circuit 2020, INDONESIA – PSA GOLD Medal

2020 – FIAP 8th PFM INTERNATIONAL SALON 2020, INDIA – PFM Silver Medal

2020 – FIAP Estonia Photo Salon 2020, ESTONIA – Salon Ribbon

2020 – FIAP Swiss International Photo Contest 2020, SWITZERLAND – Salon Bronze

2020 – FIAP 5th Pacific-Atlantic International Photographic Circuit 2020, USA – GAP GOLD MEDAL

2020 – 5TH 35AWARDS International Photography Award – TOP50 B&W photographer, TOP 50 Landscape-daytime photographer, TOP20 Slovakia

2020 – FIAP New York Photo Fair 2020, USA, New York – NYPA SILVER

2020 Pro.Laika Czech Republic and Slovakia 2020 – 1st place

2020 Perlensis Photosalon PSA Budapest – 2x Ribbon Honorable Mention

2021 Hexagon FIAP Photosalon – FIAP SILVER Medal + Jurry Member Diploma

Martin Kucera

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