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Mihaly Buday

My paintings combine elements of surrealism, hyperrealism, symbolism and secession, creating new unity and quality and have a strong spiritual and romantic influence.


Mihaly Buday was born in 1953 in the former Yugoslavia. He has also undergone university studies in the field of arts teaching at the Faculty of Education. Since 1975 he has lived and formed in the Serbian town of Senta. In 1994, as a result of known events in the Balkans, he moved to Hungary, where he joined the Hungarian Association of Professional Visual Artists. In Zalaegerszeg, where he lives today, he has taught for years in elementary art school and arts grammar school. He has organized and led a number of national and international creative arts camps not only in Hungary but also in Croatian. There, in the towns of Vodice, Plitvice, Sambor and Paunovac, he founded artistic colonies.

He had many independent exhibitions in Hungary, Germany, Romania, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, but also in the USA and Canada.

For his contribution to the development of culture he has won several prestigious Hungarian awards. Currently, alongside the creation and management of an exhibition gallery he founded in Zalaegerszeg, a governing foundation that finances and supports the development of cultural activities in the region.

Mihaly Buday

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