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Paintings full of harmony, love, tranquility, empathy and optimism.


About slovak artist Peter Vamosi:
Joy, optimism, beauty, harmony, but also the reflection of the meaning and philosophy of life, are reflected in the vivid paintings of Slovak artist Peter Vamosi. His surrealistic characters are captured in moments of love and joy, in gadgets and touches, in movement, in sports or in meditation by music. In his colorful nature paintings we perceive the sensual romantic soul of the artist and together with him we dream about the mythical lands of harmony, peace and happiness.
I am primarily involved in figural creation, but I also like to invent mythical landscapes or abstract worlds. I am spiritually based, full of harmony, love, tranquility, empathy and optimism, and I think it also radiates from my pictures. That is why many of them are buying them in today's fast-paced world. Hundreds of my paintings are in private collection collectors, especially in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, France, but also the USA and Canada. I paint exclusively with high-quality finest artists colors (my favorite are Lukas and Amsterdam) on quality canvas or 300 - 350 gram art paper.

Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia), then private studies at prestigious slovak-hungarian artist Peter Mester.

More independent exhibitions in galleries:
- in Slovak republic in Towns: Bratislava, Komárno, Partizanske
- in Czech republic: Prague, Castle Golf Club Hluboka nad Vltavou

Peter Vamosi

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