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Silvia Habanova

With every painting Silvia attempts to tell a story. She is fascinated by old photographs capturing seaside scenes and women's fashion from the first half of the twentieth century.


Silvia Habánová was bor on 1978 in Rimavská Sobota in the small historical town in Slovakia and still lives here. For twenty years she worked as the accounting office manager.  In her childhood she loved drawing and painting, but fate brought her other interests and sports to her life and she returned to fine arts after twenty years. She has been studying oilpainting technic for a 4 years and still keep on the studying under the guidance of an experienced hungarian artist István Cene gál. She considers yourself to be simply a painter whose work continues to evolve. She could describe her artistic style like realistic painting.  It refers to the type of painting for wich the real image is important instead of abstraction. The topics may be abstracted, but the mode of expression is already realistic. She aims precise, detailed and accurate representation in art of the visual appearance of scenes and objects. Silvia usualy works in the studio. She spend a lot of time in making the proper base and preparing exact sketches and working out compositions and make progress in space layer by layer, from the back to the front. Later she cotinuously make the dark tones deeper and apply the lights. With every painting she attempts to tell a story. Mood and atmosphere are paramount to creating a great painting. She strives to communicate these elements to the viewer, in a visual language. She is fascinated by old photographs capturing seaside scenes and women's fashion from the first half of the twentieth century, which have so much character. Most of these photos, the female beauty and beauty of nature inspire her works. Seaside scenes are the favourite subject for her paintings. She loves the summertime, the sunshine and she trys to capture the summer atmosphere on each of her work. Its aim is to capture the play of light and shadow. Create harmonious paintings, with a calm atmosphere that soothes the viewer's soul in this hasty world. She falled in love with the art of painting because it is like meditation to her, like an island of calm in a stormy sea.

She attributes her success and growth in oilpaintig technic to her mentor István Cene gál, circle of friends and her understanding husband, all who continually influence and challenge her. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: Someone once said: the noblest art is that of making others happy. And Silvia realy hopes her paintings make you happy.

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Artistic domains : Painting (9)

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