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Added Mar 16, 2018

Biography- part 2.

Referred by Mr. Gábor Prodán, the pastor of the Greek Catholic of Halásztelek she has painted a mural decorating the Church. The fresco pictures wine and grape and is open for the public in the opening hours of the Church.

Starting from 2005 when she first participated in a group art exhibition in Budapest (Zugló), Palace Stefánia, her works have appeared in numerous exhibitions and galleries in a number of countries ranging from Paris, France (Carrousel du Louvre) to Tokyo, Japan and including countries such as Germany & Switzerland. One of the latest exhibition took place in Hortobágyi Lovasnapok 2017, an event that attracted tens of thousands of visitors.

In 2015 she published her first book, Varázslatos Festőműhely (Magical Painting Workshop), a book that explores the world of painting and arts in a journey hosted by Viktória’s daughter. The book was published in hard copy as well as in e-book formats.

Viktória has been an active teacher for about a decade giving private arts lessons and organising art camps to a wide audience ranging from young kids and adults to elderly people.

She has founded drawing contests that are open country wide in Hungary, such as “Fogadd el! ” (Accept it!), a competition for the differently abled. In 2017 she was nominated for “Jószolgálat-díj”, a noted goodwill and charity recognition award in Hungary.

Viktória had been engaged in helping elderly people by developing their arts skills and capabilities since 2008. First she started a painter club in an elderly home in Tököl, later in Halásztelek as well.

Her colourful figures decorate the walls of a number of nurseries, schools, patient’s rooms in medical institutions. From 2016 she has decorated the entire pediatrics departments in Orosháza and in Karcag, in two significant hospitals in Hungary.

Since 2011 she has been collecting donations (initially as of the work of the Society of Artists of Halásztelek, later continuing charity as a private individual) in the forms of clothes, books, toys and she also contributed to the logistics of delivering the donations to the people and villages that are in deep need.

From 2017 she was elected to the panel for creating and hosting the annual kid’s ‘Fairy tale day’ (Mesenapok) in Halásztelek.


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