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Professional paintings full of fantasy, beauty harmony, love, charm, peace, empathy, optimism.

VamosiArt Gallery

Phone: +421 903030375 (Peter Vámosi)
Delivery address:
Povazska 1, 94501 Komarno, Slovakia
Dear visitors,
Welcome to the homepage of the VamosiArt Gallery - a joint gallery of friends - artists from Slovakia and Hungary, whose works are represented by Peter Vámosi.

The offer of works for sale includes paintings, sculptures, sculptures, graphics and art photographs by these prestigious visual artists:

from Hungary: Barakonyi Zsombor, Cene gál István ,, Duhaj Péter, Endrey-Nagy Attila, Fürst József, Hatvany Viktória, Kujbus János, Malasits Zsolt, Szakács Éva, Székelyhidi Zsolt, Tóth Ernő, Tóth Kristof

from Slovakia: Dubay Orest, Dubayová Ruth, Habánová Silvia, Janekova Kristina, Kellenberger Martin, Kopnicky Marek, Kučera Martin, Mlynárčik Emil, Račko Martin, Štrbová Jarošová Iva, Vámosi Peter.

The offer of authors and works is constantly expanding, new ones are added every week.

All offered works are originals and at the request of the buyer we will attach to each of you an artist and a gallery signed Certificate of Originality with a picture and description of the work.

Prices include transport to all countries of the world with insurance and tracking of the shipment.

If you have not found a suitable work for you, come back in a few days, because we add new works several times a week and new authors will be added.

Our extra services:
1. If you request a discount, we will try to arrange it for you immediately with the author.
2. You can exchange the work for another work of the same author according to your own choice within 3 years at the same or higher price and you will pay the difference.
3. If you like the work of one of the authors, but you have not found your own among the offered paintings, we will offer you another one, or you can order an original painting painted "to measure" according to your ideas.
4. Other services in agreement with the customer.

Feel free to call or write.

Complaints and Return Policy:
The buyer has 14 days to return his purchase.

How to get a refund?
As soon as we receive the returned work of art in perfect condition, in the original packaging. The seller does not pay the fees incurred in case of rejection or return of the shipment - such as customs duties or return shipping costs. These fees are paid by the buyer.

Important Notice:
Always send returned works of art exclusively to the delivery address listed on this page above. This also 
applies if the shipment was sent to you from another address (for example, directly from a visual artist or from a printer). Shipments delivered to an address other than the one listed on this page will not be accepted and 
will not be considered a return of the work. The seller may also refuse the returned goods if the package for    return transport was submitted after the expiration of 14 days from its delivery to the buyer.

We can take over the returned shipment non-stop throughout the year - even outside working days or during 
our vacation.

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