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Zsombor Barakonyi - Happy Dreamer (2019)

39.4x59.1x1.4 in ~ Painting, Acrylic

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Original large dimensional painting by Hungarian artist Zsombor Barakonyi.

Story about painting:
"A street in New York at the Grand Central Terminal full of people. A crowd of people is rolling down the street like lava and packing other new people along the way, those who come out of shops, cafes, buildings ...
However, I noticed a lady whose facial expression was dreamy and reflected inner well-being and happiness. I immediately named it Happy dreamer for myself and decided to immortalize it in my painting. She moved down the street completely differently than the others. It was as if she was floating lightly, as if she were from another world. He felt that love was the reason he flew in the clouds like that.
I think that love gave him wings .. I think she just arrived to meet her love.
It's wonderful to be in love!"


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